Radio Presenters are the voice of a station or programme, whether they work in speech-based or music Radio. They create the vibe and feeling of the radio output and establish a relationship with listeners. A Radio Presenter’s specific duties vary depending on the programme or station. They may present live or recorded shows, scripted and unscripted. Presenters may have to write scripts and links or work from a brief supplied by other members of a production team. Some may conduct interviews with contributors in a studio or over the phone. This is why it is important for Radio Presenters to be able to present while operating studio controls and co-ordinating a range of simultaneous technical activities. This and more is covered in our presenter training.

Here is a brief outline as to what delegates can expect to learn on the course:

Introduction to Radio

The roles in radio
The types of radio stations


Studio Management

How to use a broadcast mixing desk (self operational).
How to use the digital play-out software in shows

Program Management

How to prepare a radio programme.
How to add original content to your programmes.
How to choose and programme music.
How to script your radio programme
How to time and plan your programme content.


Presenter skills

How to use various microphone techniques
How to use various voice techniques
How to interview guests

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