Oral communication is part of everyone’s daily life. You speak to people in order to express an opinion, ask for advice or even offer information. You may even find the need to try and get a person to accept your point of view. How well you verbalize these ideas and thoughts will ultimately determine how successful you are in getting your message across. 

The Voice Coach offers various communication workshops on public speaking, communication and leadership, as well as non-violent communication. Whether you are a novice or seasoned public speaker, these workshops allow you to jump straight into public speaking. The content covered in these workshops encompasses the following:

·         Giving the delegate an opportunity to begin speaking before an audience

·         Organising your thoughts into a logical manner

·         Showing what you mean by learning the value of gestures and body movements

·         Exploring different ways of using body language

·         Using vocal variety as an asset to your speaking

·         Working with words to gain an understanding of their function and uses

The Nonviolent Communication (NVC) workshops teach us a simple method for clear, empathic communication. It helps us to examine the unmet needs behind what we do or say, thereby helping to reduce hostility, heal pain and strengthen professional and personal relationships. It's about learning to communicate with compassion towards self and others, as well as relating with oneself and others through empathy leading to trust and nurture.  Nonviolent communication is useful for conflict resolution, personal growth and healing. The workshop teaches the four components of the Non-Violent Communication model. The content covered in the workshop are the four components of the Non-violent Communication model:

·         Observations

·         Feelings

·         Needs

·         Requests



We are able to tailor programmes to suit your individual or organisations specific needs.