Team Building That Speaks For Itself

Our team building differs from most in that it places candidates and teams in an environment that few ever get to experience, namely a radio studio. By engaging in all aspects of radio production, imaging, commercial production and presenting, this provides an unusual setting were success is dependent upon teamwork across various disciplines.

Aimed at improving interpersonal relations and social interactions, we have developed an unusual, fun filled, but challenging team building program aimed at meeting goals, accomplishing tasks and results driven. The activities are aimed at enhancing relationships and clarifying team members’ roles, as well as solving tasks and interpersonal problems to enhance team effectiveness, competence and improve performance.

Our team building activities are high impact and maximise the motivation of the individual and of the team; unlike other team building scenarios there is a genuine environment and real-life challenge and the team’s decisions and actions have very real consequences for everyone involved, including the company.

"Imagine that we take your team and board them on a plane. Shortly after take-off, we deliberately crash the plane; leaving team members stranded, vulnerable and having to figure out a way to survive."

Removing people from their normal environment invokes high impact, rapid development, learning and personal growth. The hierarchy and it's dynamics can quickly alter beyond any previous models and new hierarchies; leaders and skill-sets can evolve. Motivation to succeed at their challenge will be high, the ability to perform as a team imperative and the satisfaction of succeeding great.


Each team will be required to create, produce and present a radio show. The radio show will consist of three elements, namely a radio commercial, news bulletin and a talk show or interview. The content of the radio show will be specific to your company. Each team member will be assigned a role within the production and presenting process i.e. presenter, producer, director, copywriter, etc. Our facilitators will brief team members on their respective roles and provide the necessary equipment and training for them to carry out their tasks. Teams will be given a time limit in which to complete the task. 


We believe that no team is the same as any other and we customize all of our Radio Experience team building activities to meet the needs of our corporate clients. Our program focuses on and produces outcomes in the following main areas: 

Teamwork, communication, conflict resolution, system thinking, project planning, time and resource management

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